≛ Mindfulness Exercise – Safe Space ≛

When I was in group therapy, I learned about a mindfulness exercise called “safe space.” This exercise is best done lying down with the eyes closed, but it can also work if you rest your head against a surface in a private place.  Once you are comfortable, begin to build a calming space in your mind.  You can start with something as simple as a plain, white room.  When I was building my safe space I thought of it as my very own blank canvas.  Once you’ve got your base layout, you can begin to think of certain things like the temperature of your safe space and if it is inside or outside.  You can put friends, pets, favorite books, and anything else you want to in your safe space.  Make sure that you think of your safe space in lots of detail so that you can come back to it later when you want to.  Once you’ve finished building your safe space, the only thing left to do is to relax in it and enjoy.  My safe space is actually based off of a fictional location in The Giver by Lois Lowry.  It is a cozy cabin at the bottom of a snowy hill in the middle of the pine-covered woods.  There is a certain golden glow (sort of like the one emanated by the streetlamp from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe) that falls upon the sparkling ground.  Smoke is coming out of the chimney. In this fantasy, I am never actually inside of the cabin, but rather sitting in the seemingly warm snow just outside of it, completely aware that everyone I love is inside, and that I am about to go in.  Usually, when I visit my safe space, it feels like I am eternal.  Sometimes I go to my place more than often, but I usually come to it a few times a month.  The cool thing about safe spaces is that they will always be there for you.  You can stay there for as long as you like, and do whatever you want.  Give it a try!


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