♡ Mindfulness – Remember to take care of yourself and love yourself first ♡

It’s easy to lose track of what’s important when you’re caught up in daily life.  In today’s society, people are so concerned with work that they often forget to take care of themselves – I know that I do.  Taking care of yourself means taking care of your mind as well as your body.  Sometimes, it is easier to take care of our minds when we are feeling clean and good about our bodies.  I always feel more calm after taking a nice shower or bath.  This allows me to take a deep breath and collect myself.  Being in an organized setting can help with calming the mind as well.  However, we shouldn’t let the lack of a clean place prevent us from staying calm.  It is so important to set time apart for your self care.  Some of us have lots of time available, but we avoid confronting ourselves because we are afraid of being alone with our thoughts.  We distract ourselves with food, technology, and other time consuming things.  I do this a lot.  Just remember that if you never confront yourself you will never be truly at peace.  Lot’s of us struggle with depression and anxiety.  It can be extremely hard and sometimes dangerous to be alone with our thoughts.  Surround yourself with people you love so that you can take some time to think about yourself safely and in a productive way.  Oftentimes we spend so much time on work and other distractions that we never get the chance to do the things we truly want to do in life.  As soon as we get one thing done, it seems like there is another right around the corner.  This can be true, but if it is, it is still important to prioritize.  Sometimes it is more important for us to address our mental health than it is for us to ace the math test the next morning.  Just remember to keep your mind in a healthy state so that you can enjoy life.

Once you’ve taken care of your mind, you can focus on your body.  I know that lot’s of us like to turn to food to comfort ourselves or distract ourselves from our problems.  I do this more than I care to admit to.  Food is a great thing, and we should definitely appreciate it.  We shouldn’t restrict ourselves from eating a delicious snack that we want or filling our bellies with a wholesome dinner.  However, sometimes (most commonly at night) we stuff ourselves with foods that we don’t even enjoy eating so that we don’t have to think about the things that make us anxious or depressed.  Most of the time, in cases like this, we aren’t even hungry.  I once ate an entire jar of Nutella in one night along with several unbuttered biscuits.  That was when I was in a very bad place.  The moral of the story is to practice mindful eating.  Enjoy the things that you eat, and don’t turn to food when you aren’t hungry to distract yourself from life.  

Exercise is important too.  It helps keep the mind and body in balance.  You don’t have to be a ripped athlete or a model to be in shape.  Just make sure that you get outside once in a while to take a walk or hit up the gym sometimes.  If you notice yourself working out to live up to unrealistic expectations, make sure to reroute yourself onto a healthier path.  

Skincare can be a fun way to take care our our bodies.  Take a minute to moisturize, and you’ll be feeling fresh for hours to come!  Cleanse your face and put cream on your feet.  Lot’s of us ignore our feet and focus on the things people look at all the time.  But moisturized feet can feel so amazing.  Take care of the things that keep you standing each day.  

Once you’re all cleaned and calm, you might be ready to set some time apart for yourself to do the things that you love.  🙂


P.S. I added a list of the skincare products I use on the daily to keep myself cleansed.  

✩ Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser (I love this!) 

✩ Loreal Pure Clay & Smooth Face Mask with Yuzu Lemon (This smells amazing)

✩ Lacura Q10 Day Face Cream (Simple, but keeps your skin clear and moisturized.)

✩ Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips 








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