✰ Mindfulness & The Aching Heart ✰

Just some tips…


Sometimes, when we are worried, anxious, upset, or angry, we may experience heartache.  It seems to seize our entire bodies and emanate from our centers.  We can feel it deep inside of us.  I like to compare the symptoms to someone squeezing and twisting our hearts with their bare hands.  It is painful.  The mental state can affect the physical state, and heartache is great evidence of this.

When experiencing this pain, it is important to use our mindfulness skills.  We can lay still and simply allow ourselves to feel the very essence of the suffering.  By doing this, we can let ourselves know that we are heard (which can be comforting).  After a while, we can be honest with ourselves about what is causing us the heartache.  Even if it is hard to hear, it is the truth that we are speaking.  With that truth, we can do what we wish.  Stay peaceful.




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